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Master-Card® Debit Card
The Chelsea Bank Debit Card offers all the features of our current ATM card, with the added benefit of allowing you to make purchases up to your daily limit, wherever the Mastercard logo is displayed. The funds will be debited directly from your Chelsea Bank checking account.

ATM Card
Access the funds in your checking or statement savings account any time of the day or night. You can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers or loan payments at the CHELSEA BANK ATM. Withdrawals can be made at any terminal that displays a NYCE® or CIRRUS® logo.

24 Hour Telephone Banking
A convenient way for you to do your banking from any touch-tone telephone. You can obtain up to date account information on recent deposits, withdrawals, checks cleared, account balance and ATM and debit card transactions and much more. Call toll free 1-800-462-0093.

Safe Deposit Boxes
A safe and secure way to protect your valuables.

Wire Transfers
On your behalf, Chelsea Provident Co-operative Bank can electronically transfer funds to financial institutions within the United States and internationally from your statement savings or checking account

U. S. Savings Bonds
This risk free investment in the U. S. Government offers a guaranteed rate of return and is popular for gift giving. Click here to purchase a savings bond online.

Direct Deposit
Ensures your funds are protected from theft or loss and confidentiality is guaranteed. It's the quickest way to access your paycheck or Social Security check.

Treasurer's Checks and Money Orders
Available for customers who have only an occasional bill paying requirement. The Chelsea Provident Co-operative Bank Treasurer's Check can be issued for any dollar amount, however there is a $1,000 maximum limit on Money Orders.

Notary Public Services
Available to our customers free of charge.

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